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About Me



 I  have been studying Astrology, Astronomy, Tarot, and Occult for over 20  years.  I attended Columbia College Chicago, where I studied Traditional  Animation, Illustration, and Character & Fashion Design.  My  drawing style itself is a mixture of the classic styles I grew up with,  such as Don Bluth, Bruce Timm, and Ken Anderson, but with some influence  of Japanese comic authors.  



 I  typically work in 2-D, with pencil and ink.  Sometimes I mix in some  acrylic, watercolor, pastels, or other traditional mediums.  I also draw  on my background as an animator, and a lot of my work is done in  physical layers.  I am inspired nature, wildlife, the night sky, and the  occult.   I work on my craft in between my full time job, part time  job, and earning my accounting degree. 



 I  am inspired my nature, wildlife, the night sky, and the occult.  My  current 2019 project is a book of original tarot card spreads based on  lunar and celestial events for the year 2020.  I am also working on my  larger project, a full deck of 78 tarot cards featuring my original  work.  The project is in early phases, but there will be many updates to  come as I settle on style and theme! 

My Story

This blog will record the milestones as they occur.