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January 2020

Due to some tragedy in my family, publishing has been delayed. What was intended to be shipped and received by January 1st will now be mid-January to early-February. I am uploading January's content for immediate access, so no one loses a moment! This link will be available to all Kickstarter backers and Etsy preorders!

Full Skies Tarot 2020


A fully illustrated book of tarot spreads

Full Skies Tarot is an annual calendar of Tarot Spreads inspired by Astrology and Astronomy, historic mythology and celestial events.

The first edition, covering Lunar Phases, Meteor Showers, and more, is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and should be set to ship out by mid-December, just in time to receive your copy by the New Year!


In-depth text

Full Skies Tarot 2020 is a culmination of over 20 years of personal research and studies.  Each Tarot Spread includes a thoroughly detailed description of the event it represents.  These Tarot Spreads are meant for self-reflection, personal growth, and interpersonal connection.

We all sense changes with the phases of the moon and movement of the planets, but we don't always understand the connection.  This guidebook can help you put the pieces together, and utilize those changes!


Easy to use

Using the calendars in the front of the book and brief Tarot Card descriptions in the back, even a beginner in Tarot or Astrology can us this book!  Each section contains basic whats, whys, and hows for each type of spread.

What is a Retrograde?
What is Node, or Lilith?

What are Conjunctions?

The veil of mystique will be lifted open just enough to give any reader a starting point into the world of true Astrology!  You are more than just your Sun Sign, and you know you've been wanting to learn more!